Y&R's BAV Group Introduces BAVSocial Across Latin America

Apr 06, 2018

Y&R’s BAV® Group announced today the launch of BAVSocial™ across the Latin America region. BAVSocial™ is a proprietary model that measures the influence of social media on long-term brand performance in the marketplace. The model brings together hundreds of social listening metrics and links them with the BrandAsset ValuatorⓇ, a renowned brand model and expansive database of consumer brand perceptions.
BAVSocial™ is currently available in Colombia and Argentina, and is already working with insurance company, Positiva. It will be rolling out in Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile and Peru by September 2018, with plans to expand to Brazil and US Hispanic market. BAVSocial will be led in the region by Luis Fernando Dugand, Regional Director of Strategic Planning.

BAVSocial™ introduces four key social metrics that quantify a brand’s equity and influence in the social landscape. Just as BAV brand metrics are used to identify and manage brand challenges and opportunities, the BAVSocial model extends these insights to build social marketing strategies that lead to long-term brand health.

“BAVSocial™ has managed to overcome the barriers of Spanish sentiment analysis, being much more precise about brand's social metrics and the reading of its cultural power amongst spanish speaking countries. BAVsocial it’s the first real time brand equity model and we are incredibly excited to offer these powerful insights to our clients across the region,” said Dugand.

The model measures real-time conversation and engagement across social communities; blogs; news; forums; and search patterns. BAVSocial was developed with interdisciplinary skills from mathematicians, economists and psychologists, and employs advanced machine-learning algorithms to reduce noise, improve targeting, and in-language conversation accuracy.

“Since introducing BAVSocial across North America, we have seen the enormous value it brings in understanding brand equity in the social space. We are thrilled to announce we have this tool and expertise available across Latin America to help our clients find greater insights for world-class creative solutions,” said Kyle Boots, Director of Brand and Social Analytics at Y&R and BAV.

The model was initially launched in North America in October 2017 as a strategic and creative tool for clients, and will expand to additional regions in 2018.