Cannes Health 'Age of Age' Panel Key Takeaways

Jun 17, 2017

This year at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, Belle Frank, Chief Strategy Officer at Y&R Health, and Robert Zirkelbach, Executive Vice President of PhRMA, led a session at Cannes Health, "Welcome to the Age of Age." Their panel dove into the extraordinary innovations in health, shared insights driving breakthrough work in the health creative landscape and explored the implications for marketing to people across the age spectrum.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • People are living longer, healthier, and better than ever before. It’s not opposition to death, it's a fierce battle to the end. Medical innovations have led to longer life spans, leading life expectancy to hit record highs worldwide. By 2050, adults 60+ will outnumber all other generations by almost 3x.
  • Our expectations for growing old have changed dramatically in the last decade. Two out of three people diagnosed with cancer now survive longer than five years. Cancer death rates have fallen more than 25% since their high in 1991 and survival rates for deadly blood cancers like leukemia have tripled to nearly 90%.
  • We are in a new era of medicine. Today, there's medicines made from living cells that attack cancer using body’s own immune system, in addition to medicines targeted to specific patients based on their unique genetic makeup.
  • Ageism is impractical. Brands and marketers must think about patients as people first. Everyone ages differently. Aging does not have to be represented in a negative way. Aging is permissive - aging gives you license to be yourself. Accept your flaws and be you.
  • Millennials are rejecting anti-aging products. When targeting tomorrow’s aging heroes, marketers should not focus on age prevention. Don't label or lecture, instead appreciate individuality and talk from an insight basis.
  • There is a tremendous appeal in intergenerational experiences. It is a reflection of life, workplaces and more. Today, we have an intergenerational workplace that's a third millennial, a third gen x and a third boomers. The more you can appreciate these intergenerational experiences, the better off you are.