Cannes Journal - Tuesday

Jun 19, 2018

From uncovering and unleashing creative potential to cultivating unabashed enthusiasm for your work, Tuesday at Cannes Lions was filled with fascinating insights, discussions and takeaways. View our highlights from day two below. 


Session: Creativity on the Couch: What Psychoanalysis Can Tell Us

Creativity is having a midlife crisis. An obsession with data and technology has led to a reduced focus on creativity. But creativity is the only way to deliver non-incremental change -- so how do we reset the focus? Oliver James, psychologist, author and member of The School of Life outlines how to spot creative potential in people, and how to unleash it.

Key takeaways:

  • Individual personas play a prominent role in unraveling people’s creative potential, and employers should prioritize uncovering creativity and encouraging imagination.
  • To be creative in your business, your childhood capacity for play must be nourished both by you and your organization.
  • The truest form of creativity comes with understanding our personas by implementing them in an environment that encourages imagination. One study encouraged children to adopt the persona of their favorite fictional superhero character, like Batman or Superman. These children performed better on tests when they were occupying that imaginary role, then when they were just being themselves.
  • In your industry, understand what holds you back from your playful childhood selves, identify the negative personas into which you click, and search for the ones which you may be ignoring or have forgotten that can help you deal creatively with professional challenges.
  • Spark. Foster. Spot. Search for existing and new personas, practice organizational metrics, and encourage those who come from different backgrounds.
  • As more industries initiate an interest in their employees’ creativity, they are welcoming a more innovative and authentic environment.

Notable quotes:

  • “We’re born creative, it’s what happens later that gets in the way of us being able to express it.” - Oliver James
  • “Children’s play is creativity at its purest. Play is done for its own sake, rather than please others or meet any external expectations.” - Oliver James
  • “Finding ways to make believe, and yet stay connected to external reality are crucial for emotional health. Adults who’ve lost capacity to play have died.” - Oliver James


Session: Think Like a Toddler

There are two types of mindsets cultivated from a very young age: one that assumes intelligence and creative abilities are innate and fixed, and one that views any challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Is it too late for us grown-ups to shift our mindsets from a fixed one to a growth mindset that expands the borders of your brand? Sarah Hofstetter, chairwoman at 360i, and Mondelez Intl. CMO, Jason Levine, explore what steps we can take to shift the mindset of your brand to a growth mindset that includes always learning. If your brand is always learning then it always has room to grow, and disrupt the followers of the traditional, “best practice” brands.

Key takeaways:

  • Thinking like a toddler means utilizing enthusiasm, and removing the fear of failure in your actions.
  • Be a constant student of your passion. Be in love and have fun with both the process of solving problems and the coveted solutions.
  • Deliberately disrupt your strategy. In the marketing world, you’re either disrupting others or getting disrupted.
  • Brands need to prioritize learning agility, the ability to learn in various situations, amongst their staff. Allow for quick, cheap failures. However, once your team nails it, then your brand must scale it up.
  • Think about your end game, but question your benchmarks (the average) along the way. Your brand wants to exceed average, so sometime “best practices” are just the blueprints for even better solutions.

Notable quotes:

  • “Unabashed enthusiasm only comes when there is no fear of failure, and tremendous excitement.” - Sarah Hofstetter, Chairwoman at 360i
  • “Shifting your mindset can lead to the development of skills, better relationships, and can lead to better business. As we shift our mindset, we can develop all kinds of potential.” - Jason Levine, Mondelez Intl. CMO
  • "Big businesses and big brands that have been around awhile can find themselves slipping back into a fixed mindset fueled by their legacy thinking.” - Jason Levine, Mondelez Intl. CMO
  • “You can’t think about your limitations; only think about your potential.” - Sarah Hofstetter, Chairwoman at 360i
  • “What’s your endgame with the feedback you are giving, and the feedback you are receiving?” - Sarah Hofstetter, Chairwoman at 360i


Session: What Matters Next

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki sits down with L'Oreal's Chief Digital Officer, Lubomira Rochet, to discuss moving to a digital-first strategy, while International BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac talks change with YouTube's Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen. Both conversations go back to digital and explore how it continues to shift the scope of our world, brands and advertising.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital has transformed user engagement in an extraordinary way that has cultivated and brought together communities through the experiences they share and interests they have, connecting people across the globe.
  • Digital brings a positive disruption to industries today, and with that, it's important to embrace the change that comes as a result with open arms.
  • Digital serves as a fundamental tool widely used for branding today. It's completely changed the landscape of what it means for individuals to brand themselves.
  • Advertisers can reinvent the wheel in three ways: sequencing, targeting, and personalizing content specifically for their consumers.
  • Video consumption has changed drastically over time, and with the rise of digital, has become a two-way interaction between the viewer and creator.

Notable quotes:

  • “An open platform can inspire creativity, share information, and build meaningful communities at scale.” – Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube
  • “There's no playbook on how to have the right content and policies for the scale that we operate at… but it's very important that when we look back at this time in history, that we are on the right side of history.” - Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube on ‘bad actors’
  • “This is YouTube's focus in 2018 and beyond, to enhance the power of open while delivering on a responsibility to viewers, creators, and advertisers.” – Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube
  • “Digital profoundly changes the operating model of the company.” – Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oreal
  • “If change means evolution, then that’s me; I’m in the constant stage of evolution, so I’m not frightened about evolving. In fact, I’m psyched and excited about the possibilities of what can be next.” – Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music, YouTube

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