DY&R Tokyo Wins Grand Prix, Gold and Silver at Cannes

Jun 19, 2017

A big night at Cannes! Y&R was awarded the Grand Prix, one Gold and one Silver for “The Family Way,” a campaign for Recruit’s Seem Mobile healthcare kit by DY&R Tokyo that tackles the taboo nature of infertility as well as the perception that infertility is a women’s issue.

“This is a banner night for us. Mobile is often the bridge between our virtual and physical lives, and with this campaign we have helped people find a real solution that can transform their lives. We are so proud of this work and of DY&R Tokyo. What an open and expansive canvas for ideas mobile has become,” said Tony Granger, Y&R Global Chief Creative Officer.



“The Family Way” introduced Recruit’s Seem mobile healthcare kit that allows couples to test a man’s sperm count without visiting a clinic. Concerns over a declining birth rate in Japan and cultural misconceptions that infertility is not man’s issue, spurred the development of the kit that gives couples a simple way to test at home. The work aims to help couples identify fertility issues faster and break through the stigma around male infertility; it brings couples closer to one another and closer to the hope of having a child.

Men who used the Seem kit showed more proactive behavior in addressing infertility with their partner. Seem became the number one selling healthcare kit on Amazon in Japan and 33% of men visited a clinic after using the kit. In addition to its Mobile wins, the campaign also won a Bronze Lion in Glass on opening night at the Festival, representing Y&R’s first Glass Lion.

Y&R was also recognized with a Gold Mobile Lion for Y&R Italy’s “Chat Yourself” created for Italia Longeva.

Congratulations to all winners!