Global mentoring for a better tomorrow

May 14, 2018

Y&R has proudly participated in the Fortune and U.S. Department of State Global Mentoring Partnership for over a decade. Each year we sponsor an outstanding woman from countries that have included Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Myanmar, India, China, and Argentina.

These female leaders with daring vision and a passion to make the world a better place are selected by respective embassies in partnership with Vital Voices, an international non-profit focused on female leaders across economic empowerment, politics and human rights. The candidates go on to be matched with top senior female executivesFortune's Most Powerful Womenfrom leading companies in the U.S.

This year, we were privileged to host Amal Hassan, a visionary tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Outsource Global Technologies, an international outsourcing company headquartered in Northern Nigeria. Amal's goal is to make Nigeria the premier outsourcing destination, empowering women and youth with a career path in technology and building economic strength in both her local community and throughout Africa. Her rapidly growing company largely services the US market and employs more than 700 people, half of whom are women.


During her two-week mentorship with Y&R Global Chief Client Officer Shelley Diamond and Global Special Projects Manager Rebekah Shufelt, Amal focused on developing skills relevant to her professional and personal priorities. Y&R, Wunderman, VML, Sparkplug companies and WPP fellows also offered their time, helping her with brand building, social media strategies, channel planning, web strategy and personal leadership skills during the week. In addition to meeting with practice leads throughout the company, a core team held a strategic planning session to help Amal articulate her unique vision and mission.

”Helping change the world is in Y&R’s DNA and Amal has the ability to do that for thousands of women in the communities she serves. This is the most gratifying two weeks of the year. Amal came here with a vision and a mission and we are proud to help her realize and articulate that vision," said Shelley Diamond.

"What I have learned from Shelley and the Y&R team is powerful and priceless," said Amal. "I have focused on establishing and running my business for two years without giving attention to brand positioning, brand awareness, content strategy, and marketing. I am leaving Y&R with a completely new perspective of how to tell the story of my company. Above all, I have learned how to be a better leader and mentor. I will go back to my country inspired to do more.”

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