Inside VICE, the Voice of the Millennial Generation

Oct 17, 2017

Y&R’s Table Talk series is a program that connects the agency with industry thought leaders in an intimate setting.

Rooted in the desire to tell stories in a unique and authentic way, VICE has become a leading youth media company and the voice of the millennial generation. As part of Y&R’s Table Talk series we invited Spencer Baim, Chief Strategic Officer of VICE Media, to our New York HQ. He offered an inside look at the VICE brand and spoke about the importance of authenticity and purpose-driven messages.

For VICE, reaching millennials means reflecting millennials values. VICE’s HQ in Brooklyn was built in a way they thought fans would enjoy. “It’s very much like the Ace hotel,” Spencer said. VICE also intentionally hires young burgeoning talent to create content for fellow millennials, emphasizing issues that are important to their generation.




Millennials seek purpose, and this extends to the places they work and the brands they buy. VICE prides themselves on putting messages into the world that are built on value and purpose. As members of the media and advertising communities, Spencer stressed the importance of creating content that is not wasted or interruptive, but rather adds value to someone’s life. “I believe now, more important than ever, we’re in a powerful position to change the world,” he said.

Strategy was also a big topic of discussion, highlighting the importance of keeping strategy in focus during every execution. According to Spencer, “If you own the strategy and thinking, you own everything. If you don’t own the strategy, you own nothing.” For VICE and for many brands, creativity is the key to survival in an ever-crowded marketplace.


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