Intern Insider: A Look Into Life as a Young Creative

Jul 08, 2017

Every year, we welcome interns from across the U.S. to our New York HQ for our summer internship program. Our 10-week long internships give aspiring advertisers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and make valuable connections—all while enjoying the life in the big apple. Get to know our incredible summer interns and hear about their experiences in our ‘Intern Insider’ series.

Ever wonder what life as an intern in the Creative Department is like? We got the inside scoop from two creative interns: Camila “Mila” Bengoa and Juan “Juancho” Larrazábal. Both Mila and Juancho study at Savannah College of Art & Design; Mila is a rising senior and Juan just graduated- so congratulate the man if you see him around! If you’ve met one, then you’ve definitely met the other because the dynamic duo is a creative power team and are always by each other’s’ side.

What have they been up to so far?

Both feel as if SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) has prepared them very well for the work force. By prepared, I mean getting ripped apart 9/10 times by their professor after submitting assignments. But hey, practice makes perfect, right? Every professor has repeatedly taught them to “Be prepared to kill your babies.” At that instant one may seem frustrated, but at the end of the day it’s constructive criticism; creatives come up with so many ideas, but only about 10% survive the draft.

With that mere 10% of babies making the cut, creatives must ensure that “the odds are ever in their favor” by developing a plethora of ideas. They will usually turn in 2 or more ideas; one may be extremely bold and out on a limb and the other may be more subtle, yet convey the message perfectly to the audience. Double the work, but double the fun! The client receives want they want, but multiplied, so they could have a variety to choose from; the creatives get to spend more time concepting at a local cafe observing a variety of people, or just a bunch of girls ordering grande iced vanilla macchiatos.

Mila said it best when she said, “The more human your research can get the better.” Both emphasized the importance of finding out how people actually feel about the product, rather than what they say about it. “We try to find the truth,” Juan explained. Sometimes their finding ends up being the obvious; it’s not uncommon to find that what you’ve been looking for has been in front of you the entire time. That’s what makes it ingenious. Creatives don’t let their familiarity with something fool them. Want something relatable? The simple struggle we all have scoring that last bit of toothpaste from the tube in the morning. Most of us give up and just throw it away, but some creative genius invented that product that inches up slowly to get every last bit!


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How’s the city?

Overall, Juan and Mila are thoroughly enjoying working at Y&R because of how friendly everyone is and how it feels like a community. This creative duo has even joined a softball team with employees from the company. Living in NYC feeds their creative minds because there is so much culture and so much to do. “The city is so inspiring; you can study anyone you want,” said Mila.  

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We also spoke with former intern and Junior Art Director, Marcos Porrata. He isn’t your typical artsy dude who went to college for art and always knew he wanted to do creative work. Marcos went to school for business and walked into his interview with Dot wearing a full-on suit. Now if you know Marcos, this news may be a bit shocking. This Bronx native struts around 3CC in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt showing off his awesome sleeve tattoo. When he had arrived at 3CC and looked around himself, he knew he was in the right place off the bat—because he was the only one wearing a suit.

Today, if you ask Marcos what his three favorite aspects of working at Y&R are, he’d say the following: the people and culture, the beers (aka Thirsty Thursday), and the recognition of great work.

Creativity trumps seniority. That’s the overarching takeaway from our interviews with the creatives. No matter your title or seniority within the company, great work is recognized as great work. Whether it comes from an intern, Junior Art Director, or Senior Art Director. Juan, Mila, and Marcos truly believe in bringing ideas to life no matter how many loopholes the project has. It’s not always easy explaining a dream or crazy idea to someone else, but materializing it is magical. 


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Stay tuned for our feature with our account management interns next week. 


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