Intern Insider: Confessions from Y&R'S Account Managers

Jul 15, 2017

Every year, we welcome interns from across the U.S. to our New York HQ for our summer internship program. Our 10-week long internships give aspiring advertisers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and make valuable connections—all while enjoying life in the big apple. Get to know our incredible summer interns and hear about their experiences in our ‘Intern Insider’ series.

This week spoke with two of our Account Management interns, Will Mennicken and Alex Mednick, about their experiences thus far. Here’s what they had to say about the transition to working life, forming relationships with clients and the unique challenges of the advertising industry. 



If you haven’t met the friendly giant of the 2017 summer intern class, you’re missing out. This Long Island native will start a conversation with just about anyone. A fun fact about Will: he’s bilingual! Being half-German, he is lucky enough to visit the beautiful country quite frequently. Will studies Communications and German Business at Boston College.


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It’s not an easy transition from being a full-time student to working full-time. "Scheduling and working with clients was an adjustment for me. But I like it and I'm learning a lot; I’m learning about daily business, mannerisms, and a lot of things you just can't learn in the classroom."

"One of our clients came to visit us for the unveiling of a billboard. We showed them everything we had set up for them, and we got a great response. I loved how we got to meet them in person and they were so appreciative. It was probably the most rewarding experience I've had so far.”

Will has most enjoyed the collaborative environment and open communication his team has. His Project Managers, Patricia Woodward and Ann Carey, are great mentors and, even though some of the information is complex (like all the legal work that goes on behind their projects), they make the learning process easier.



This hard-core Yankees fan lives just an hour outside of the city. If you’ve seen him working at his desk while “in the zone,” he probably had headphones plugged in and was jamming out to J. Cole. Alex is thoroughly enjoying his experience at Y&R and loves the laid-back work environment.


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Initially, Alex was a student at the Communications School at Temple University but then decided to change his major and go into advertising. He instantly fell in love with the advertising world because he could display his creativity through writing for brands. "Ever since I went into advertising, I've loved the challenge and embraced it. I'm passionate about my writing. I love writing with a purpose; writing for brands.”



Alex’s biggest adjustment from school to work-life has been adopting the appropriate “office manner.” He’s naturally pretty lax, and although Y&R does have a laid-back work environment, he’s learning how to better communicate with clients. “I love how I don’t have to wear a button-down shirt to be professional and I can be myself,” he says.

Alex revealed that he never realized how much depended on the client. Their feedback and goals are crucial to the decision-making process and there will always be mandates given to the team by the client. As an account management intern, Alex said that one of his biggest challenges is finding the best way to merge creatives ideas with the goals and aspirations of the client.




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Dov Drelich started at Y&R as an intern in January 2017 and upon graduation a couple months back, accepted a full-time Assistant Account Executive position.

Dov enjoys the collaborative and creative environment at Y&R. As an intern, no question was too small or insignificant, and he felt comfortable enough to ask whatever to whomever in order to learn as much as he could during his internship. The team trusted and relied on him for serious business; he felt like he was truly experiencing the real work environment and contributing meaningful work.


What was the transition from intern to full-time like?

It was an easy transition considering he was already on the Dell team throughout his internship. He described it as being “welcomed back with open arms by his friends and colleagues” rather than “awkward introductions and handshakes.” “I was able to hit the ground running from day one,” Dov explained.


What was the biggest challenge you faced as an intern?

As an intern, we must observe the environment and figure out what our role is and when it’s our place to say something. Dov explained that he had to find a balance between speaking up and staying patient and obvervant during meetings. While we may want our voices to be heard and to show that we care by contributing our own insights and input, we must remain cognizant of the fact that we are surrounded by very talented and insightful coworkers whom we can learn so much from, and that our time will come.


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Written by Global Communications interns, Wyatt Smith and Shir Ibgui.