Intern Insider: Data Wisdom from BAV

Jul 31, 2018

Our summer internship program is back, which means a new batch of extraordinary interns from across the globe join us in the Big Apple for 10-weeks of work and play. Interns at Y&R are immersed into the thick of the advertising world, doing real work for real clients, with mentors to help them along the way. No matter which department they are in, Y&R interns aren’t chasing coffee (except for themselves of course). In the following weeks, our Intern Insider Series will highlight some of these experiences from interns in Account Management, New Business, BAV, Strategy, and Creative. They’ll offer helpful points on getting acclimated to agency life and building new connections as they sharpen skills that prepare them for the ever changing world of business. 

As a NYU rising senior in Journalism and Political Science, Jessica Weinberg is no stranger to the art of storytelling. But this summer, she honed her skills using a different tool: data. As a BAV Group intern, she’s been learning how to build engaging stories and narratives from BAV’s proprietary data. From her first days on the job to expanding her skills in data analysis, hear from Jessica about her intern experience and what it’s like to dabble in the world's largest study of consumer perceptions.

1. Describe your first day vs. how you feel now?

The first day we had orientation and then hardcore training on BAV. The learning curve was intense, but really fun. Now when my team refers to things, I completely understand what's going on. My biggest assignment has been to help edit on a BAV project (and I LOVE) editing, so it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I was asked for my input!

2. What are some skills you have developed while working in the BAV department?

I know how to chart many different data points in a lot of different ways, like power grids. When they first introduced power grids to me, I felt like it was another language! Two weeks later I completely understand how to read the data.
3. Because of my experience at Y&R I am…

I understand the complex logic behind brand value and that it’s not just a simple formula. I’ve also gained a deeper understanding of how brands grow.

4. Interns are typically balling on a budget, how do you squeeze as much as you can out of your money?

Being in college, students are usually very mindful of the money they spend — me, included. I’m aware of how much things cost and if I want to spend money on a particular item, I like to weigh out the pros and cons — especially when it comes to big social things.

5. What are some of the ways that you researched housing? Or if you are from New York, what are some ways you needed to adapt to Y&R’s internship?

I’m from Long Island and go to school in the city, so I have an apartment in New York City that I lease, but on the weekends I usually go home because it’s next to the beach!

6. Y&R’s mission is to “resist the usual,” tell us how you plan to use that mission after your internship?

In my journalism major every week we would pitch stories, and that's how I resist the usual. This mission embodies what it means to catch people's attention.

From Hourly to Salary: A Word from Interns that Made the Cut

From BAV Intern to BAV employee, Max Kelly put in the work to understand brand’s opportunities and weaknesses during his Internship time here, and it paid off. He’s here today to tell you about his experiences in BAV as an Intern, and now as an employee. The best part is getting to know what attracted him to Y&R, and how the company shaped him to who he is today.

1. What's the biggest difference between your internship experience and your current standing?

As an intern, I really enjoyed my role in the BAV department. I did quantitative analysis of brands and sorted through research. The internship was a more broad look at everything that goes on at Y&R and, now, as a full-time employee at BAV I have a more focused role in strategy and brand strategy.
Another big difference is I'm more patient. When I first started, I would rush a lot and try to get things done as fast as possible. I’ve found it’s important to listen to people as much as possible.

2. What stood out about while interning here that made you come back for a full time job?

Coming from Ohio, the biggest thing that stood out to me was New York because I didn't know much about it. I thought I was going to hate it, but ended up really liking it. I location and people here are amazing.

3. Y&R’s mission is to “resist the usual,” tell us how you utilize that in your daily routine?

I've always liked to do things differently. When I was very introverted, I would sort of stick to a routine, but now I realize that I can do that when I’m older. I do things as dynamically as possible now.

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