Intern Insider: Insights from the Strategy Team

Jul 27, 2017

Every year, we welcome interns from across the U.S. to our New York HQ for our summer internship program. Our 10-week long internships give aspiring advertisers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and make valuable connections—all while enjoying the life in the big apple. Get to know our incredible summer interns and hear about their experiences in our ‘Intern Insider’ series.

This week, we spoke with two Tennessee gals who moved to NYC for the summer to be Y&R's Strategy interns, Millie Tunnell and Madison Bentley. These Southern Belles are both students at the University of Tennessee and happen to be roommates this summer! They both agree that Nashville isn’t for them post-graduation and it’s time they make the move to the Big Apple or any other major city. We're definitley happy to have them here!  


Strategy Intern Quotes


Strategy is interesting because it provides Creatives with the initial insights that inspire them to create the brief. Strategists, or planners, must be keen observers. “You need to think outside your world and put yourself in consumers’ shoes,” Madi explained. Their job is to gain insights on various target audiences and truly understand what gets them going. 


What do you like about working at Y&R?

As most of us can agree, Y&R's culture is one of the many perks of working here, and our Strategy interns couldn’t agree more. “I like the open office because I also sit by the Creatives and have the opportunity to get to know them,” Millie explained. The open floor plan allows communication to flow with ease. They both enjoy being able to speak to anyone in any department and show off their fashion sense by dressing to impress. 

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As the intern program is coming to an end, they're all cracking down on their Intern Projects. We asked Millie and Madi about the development of their projects. “Soaking in all of the information my first month and utilizing that information for my project with the Special Olympics has been a great experience. I’m proud of everything I’ve learned and have been able to absorb.” We can attest to her exceptional strategy skills. Adding to that, Madi said, “Everything I’ve learned I’ve been able to use going into this project. There is so much research and data out there, but being able to find trends and insights is priceless.” 

If they aren’t at work, they’re both people watching in the city. “People express their creativity through all types of mediums,” Millie said as she was explaining the beauty of living in NYC. 



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Our next Y&R Intern alumna is an NYU graduate and a jet-setter who left her heart in Paris after her four-month study abroad program. You can catch Claire Heaps eating her breakfast on her way to work or to the gym afterwards. She was a French major and Media Culture and Communications minor who didn’t always know she wanted to do advertising; she actually interned at a banking company before stepping into the advertising world - talk about a leap of faith! “I didn’t know much about advertising, to begin with, so I thought Account Management was a safe place to start; I was interested in the insights behind brands and how they work.” 

What was the transition like going from intern to full-time employee? 
After her internship in Account Management, Claire switched over to the Strategy department and interned throughout her time as a student. “It seemed logical for me because I was interested in how brands work and Strategy is all about that; strategy is conceptual.” She explained to how she had a hard time realizing her place as an intern during the school year because she had to prioritize her education since she was still a full-time student. Upon graduation, Claire was hired and came back within just a few weeks! It was a bit of a shock at first because of all of the responsibility she was given. She hadn’t realized how prepared she was for all her tasks and was surprised by the amount of trust her supervisors had instilled in her. 

Claires words of wisdom

Claire also spoke about how she loves the collaborative environment within Y&R, but especially within the Strategy department. “When we’re in that deep work setting, people want to sit down and brainstorm. There's a ton of collaboration going on and I’m never sitting down and doing things by myself.” Originally from Massachusetts, Claire lives it up in Brooklyn and has great recommendations for the City that Never Sleeps and the City of Love - so don’t be shy to ask her! 


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