Intern Insider: The Fast-Paced Life of New Biz

Jul 23, 2017

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Every year, we welcome interns from across the U.S. to our New York HQ for our summer internship program. Our 10-week long internships give aspiring advertisers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and make valuable connections—all while enjoying the life in the big apple. Get to know our incredible summer interns and hear about their experiences in our ‘Intern Insider’ series.

From meetings over a ping-pong table to four hour long pitches, the life of someone in New Business is nothing short of exciting. We spoke to Melissa Pomeranz, an intern from Northeastern University, for the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in the fast paced culture of new biz.

If you’ve spoken to Melissa, you know she can sell just about anything. Melissa came to the realization that Advertising was for her after taking an “Intro to Marketing” course at school. “The simplest insight can be the most profound,” she explained. That constantly amazes her, along with the strategic thought process behind each concept and idea.


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What’s the dynamic like within New Business?

Melissa loves the collaborative environment within Y&R as a whole, and especially in the New Business department. “It’s very fast paced and there are always multiple pitches going on each week. It keeps things really exciting. JJ Schmuckler is the Chief Marketing Officer; he leads the team, but for the most part it’s very collaborative and it doesn’t feel like anyone is more superior than the other,” Melissa explains.  She feels like she can contribute valuable ideas and act as an equal team member.

A few months back she worked on a 30-page deck that ended up saving the team when they had limited access to servers, which was a proud moment in her career. The reason why we see people in New Business running around the office is because they’re probably straddling up to four different pitches. It may seem overwhelming to some of us, but it’s what keeps them going and Melissa is having a blast.


Interning at Y&R has surpassed Melissa’s expectations. “The seminars are amazing; my mentors want me to get the most out of my experience and go out of their way to teach me so I can learn the skills I need to be the best.” Along with the program, she really appreciates the lax culture. “You might be having meetings over a ping pong table,” she giggled. I mean, what better way to hash out ideas and give your mind a break then over a ping-pong battle?

Her experience hasn’t always been smooth sailing; she’s made some mistakes that she’s learned from and is grateful for. For example, she had to practice her Excel skills and she’s learned to always ask questions. “It’s difficult to find the balance between asking enough questions to get work done the first time while not feeling like the annoying intern,” she explains.


“I love SoHo! It’s my favorite area for shopping and eating.” Walking around SoHo, you’re guaranteed to find the best boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. “I always love Koi in the Brant Park Hotel.” If you’re reading this and looking for a fun activity to do with friends, Melissa highly recommends checking out “Escape the Room.” It’s a fun, interactive game where you solve a puzzle with your team to be able to ‘escape’ from the situation that's presented.



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Greg Taylor is a Y&R Internship Alumni and now a full-time employee. Outside of the office, you can find him at the volleyball court practicing his serve or just hanging out at Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park. If you haven’t been, he highly recommends it; it has a beautiful view of the skyline!

Greg didn’t always know he wanted to work in Advertising. “I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, but I realized that I did like the digital world, multimedia, and the creative industry. Advertising felt like a cool niche where I could do a little bit of everything.” He explained how at the beginning of his internship, he was begging for work because he was so excited. In New Business, pitches come and go so quick, even the interns must be quick on their feet.

Greg knew New Business was for him when he was able to create the deck for a client presentation after just two months of working with Y&R. “It’s fun because we have a ton of stuff going on; we’re the energy of the agency. Our team is all about doing as much as you can do,” he says.


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