Intern Insider: The Fun Life of Creatives

Aug 08, 2018

Our summer internship program is back, which means a new batch of extraordinary interns from across the globe join us in the Big Apple for 10-weeks of work and play. Interns at Y&R are immersed into the thick of the advertising world, doing real work for real clients, with mentors to help them along the way. No matter which department they are in, Y&R interns aren’t chasing coffee (except for themselves of course). In the following weeks, our Intern Insider Series will highlight some of these experiences from interns in Account Management, New Business, BAV, Strategy, and Creative. They’ll offer helpful points on getting acclimated to agency life and building new connections as they sharpen skills that prepare them for the ever changing world of business.

Creative duo Ian and Billy have one heck of a partnership. Both in charge of producing and conceptualizing creative ideas, the dynamic pair have an extraordinary way of telling stories. Billy, a rising senior at the School of Visual Arts and Ian a recent graduate at the University of Colorado Boulder seamlessly bring words and art to life.

From the classroom to Y&R, what were some of the learning hurdles that you had to jump?
Billy: The biggest thing is relationships. Not just the relationship between your partner you work with, but also the relationships between all your other coworkers from different departments. Ultimately, you need to know how to talk to the client, given the opportunity. For example, if your supervisor asked you to handle a major part of the project, you need to take lead and learn how to persuade the client. And that's the hard part. That's something that you can't learn from school.
Ian: The biggest difference from the classroom to here is finding work because in the creative department there are so many teams working on different projects, unlike the classroom where you're given an assignment with a strict deadline.

Could you describe your initial experience compared to how you are feeling now?

Ian: Less tired. This new job and new environment is exciting. The people here are great and we're starting to really settle in which has been an awesome experience.
Billy: Agreed. Not to mention, we have two big clients we're working with and have actually done work for both the clients and agency where we came up with ideas and got to post some of our created content.


Break the status quo, whatever it is. Just don’t be boring.


What are some skills you have developed while working in the Creative department?

Ian: A new skill, and potentially everything we're doing, is improving communication. It seems like a general scapegoat answer, but it's instrumental in being a part of any team.

Billy: I’m going to have to second this. I’ve improved my communication a ton since interning here!

What are some of the ways that you researched housing? Or if you are from New York, what are some ways you needed to adapt to Y&R’s internship?

Billy: I lived here for three years and have some resources, those that social apps offer, like an online broker who'd recommend decently priced housing. So I just looked, checked and settled down. The only difficult part is having to choose based on location, convenience, and budget.

Ian: I found out about the internship two weeks before it started, so I researched a lot. You really can't move out here in that short amount of time because no one will rent to you so blindly, so I'm subletting through Airbnb. Meaning, I have an Airbnb for a couple of months and pay more than I would for rent, but less than a hotel.

Y&R’s mission is to “resist the usual,” tell us how you plan to use that mission after your internship?
Billy: Everyone goes right. I go left.
Ian: Yeah, try to break the status quo, whatever it is. Just don’t be boring.

How do you both work together? Collaboration?

Ian: You have to learn the way they think and balance it with the way you think, then figure out how to communicate your feelings and ideas because you spend a lot of time together. Everything we've done has been a partnership. As a creative, it's standard because you create better work that way.
Billy: Ditto!
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What's the biggest difference between your internship experience and your current standing?

I felt my internship experience was slightly different because mine was a bit less structured. Having everyone work together and fire all cylinders as opposed to sitting around and coming up with fun, random ideas. As an intern, I helped out where I could but now its a lot more focused.


Because of my experience at Y&R I am comfortable and confident in doing the damn job.


What stood out about Y&R while interning here, that made you come back for a full time position?

The thing about Y&R, in particular, is the awesome people. I could tell from the beginning that the people here really love working together. There is no intrapersonal stress, and that stood out to me because in school there was always tension between group members. At Y&R you get a completely different environment.

Y&R’s mission is to “resist the usual,” tell us how you utilize that in your daily routine?

If I’m conceptualizing things or writing copy I write the boring first and get rid of it. Then I come up with the obvious idea and throw it away, because if it's my first thought, it's somebody else's first thought too.

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