Intern Insider: Account Management

Jul 01, 2018

Our summer internship program is back, which means a new batch of talent from across the globe have joined us in the Big Apple for 10-weeks of work and play. Interns at Y&R New York are immersed in the advertising world, doing real work for real clients, with mentors to help along the way. These interns aren’t chasing coffee (except for themselves of course). In the following weeks, our Intern Insider series will highlight experiences and insights from interns in Account Management, New Business, BAV, Strategy, and Creative. 

The first Intern Insider for the 2018 season will take a look into the lives of two Account Management Interns. Max Siegel and Hope Smith took a few moments in between client meetings to share their thoughts. Both rising seniors, Max attends Suny Albany studying Communications with a business minor and Hope studies Marketing and Legal Studies with an Africana Minor at the University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School.

From the classroom to Y&R, what were some of the learning hurdles that you had to jump?

Max: In my classes, we study how to communicate; here at Y&R, we're actually communicating. I've learned how to be a more effective communicator because you don't always have time to really analyze what is being said. Sometimes you have to be able to come up with a response immediately and think about what you need to do.

Hope: It can be challenging to take what my professors taught me and put that into real-life situations, but being in an agency environment has made me better at applying those fundamental skills.


"Because of my experience at Y&R I am more confident with the work and assignments given to me."


 Could you describe your initial experience compared to how you are feeling now?

Max: It was nerve-racking when my supervisor handed me a 2-inch thick packet and said ‘this is what you are working on for the summer,’ but now that I’ve spoken with my team and have received a clear idea about what to do, I feel a lot more confident. My first assignment was to update decks for a client, then my supervisor asked me to create a deck from scratch which was nerve-racking, but an awesome experience. I conducted research about the competitors of the client, visited their social media to see how they interact with consumers and looked at the type of people they targeted.

Hope: I was overwhelmed my first day because of my housing experience, but now it’s like night and day. I really love what I’m doing and have a great team. I am really enjoying Y&R. I was just briefed on a project last week that might be the biggest one I’ll receive while I'm here and have received a lot of reassurance and guidance from my supervisor.

Because of my experience at Y&R I am…

Max: I am more confident about the work and assignments given to me.

Hope: Fearless. I feel empowered here and am able, capable, and confident. I was very timid and this was something I wanted to gain here, and I did.

Interns are typically balling on a budget, how do you squeeze as much as you can out of your money?

Max: Luckily enough, I have parents who nearly support me in everything. Most of the money I make here is to be saved for the future, but I do use my money for some things like lunch.

Hope: I keep my budget tight and hold myself accountable by planning ahead. For example, I put a specific amount of money aside if I'm planning to go out with my friends.

What are some of the ways that you researched housing? Or if you are from New York, what are some ways you needed to adapt to Y&R’s internship?

Max: I am originally from New York, specifically from Long Island and commute an hour and a half on the subway, so I would say I adapted well.

Hope: I live out of state and am renting with someone in New Jersey. It is pretty cheap, and the commute isn't too bad. I wake up at 6am and have a long ride. Finding housing took some time, but adapting didn't take me long since everything worked itself together.

Y&R’s mission is to “Resist the Usual,” tell us how you plan to apply that mission after your internship? 

Max: Too often people take a job for the wrong reasons are end up unhappy. Resisting the usual is enjoying what you do -- I resist the usual by working and doing something I completely enjoy.
Hope: I am actually studying for LSAT this summer and anticipate going to law school, but am finding that I love marketing, so I might resist the usual by going into marketing right before law school.

How do you both work together?
Max: Last week I got swamped with work, so Hope helped me with some of my work and looked up information that I needed for myself. Now that my workload has decreased a bit, I now can help her out with whatever she needs.
Hope: We have an article letter due where we give a high-level synopsis that we intend to collaborate on.
Max: And we also have another deck we have to pull from scratch together.
Hope: Oh, and we also planned a party for our boss. We put up decorations, got the design for the cake finished, and made sure the wine was nice and chilled. It was very successful and fun to do!

From Hourly to Salary: A Word from Interns that Made the Cut

Wyatt Smith went from intern to full-time employee in the span of just a few months. From trying new things to approaching every project with enthusiasm, he was always pushing the bounds of creativity. Laying out his journey and offering insider tidbits, Wyatt shared this thoughts on life after interning.

What's the biggest difference between your internship experience and now?
Aside from being in a different department, the obvious ones are freedom and responsibility, but the great thing about the internship is that you are already given a tremendous amount of freedom and responsibility, especially in comparison to internships in other companies. I’ve just begun my full-time position here, so the first weeks have been learning the new job. Already, I’ve been given things that are much deeper in terms of actual work.


“Working here at Y&R and trying different things has made me more well-rounded. It's definitely, expanded my skill set.”


What stood out about Y&R while interning here, that made you come back for a full-time position?
The combination of autonomy and the chance to build my own skill set as an intern is why I came back for a full-time position. Working here last summer gave me the opportunity to try new things and work across different departments. Spending the summer doing that for Y&R, I learned so much and grew not only as a worker but a better person— something that was very important to me. Here, at Y&R, you can do that, you grow in all aspects as a professional, not to mention everyone is so friendly here, we all get along well and even hang out after work. It is a very open atmosphere at Y&R, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Y&R’s mission is to “resist the usual,” tell us how you utilize that in your daily routine?

Resisting the usual for us as a team, not just me, is constantly trying to push boundaries with or in regards to the work we do for our client. We always want to make sure we're fulfilling everything they want in a brief, but also offer options and new ways to grow as a company. Our team is not satisfied with good; we go for great.


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