Jun 11, 2018

At Cannes Lions, the world’s premier festival recognizing creative excellence, thousands of entries pour in from countries worldwide. Behind the scenes, a carefully selected panel of judges reviews the work that will ultimately take home a coveted Cannes Lion.

This year Jaime Mandelbaum, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R Europe, has been selected as a Cannes juror in the Print and Publishing category, joining some of the industry’s most recognized and respected creative professionals.

A true global creative, Jaime has worked across three continents with top global brands like Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Bel, BBC, BMW, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Danone, Erste Bank, Forbes, Harley Davidson, ING, Lavazza, LG, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Playstation, Volvic and Vodafone.

Since taking on the role of CCO, Jaime is helping shape the creative output across the European region and move the network up the ranks in Cannes. After his first year in the role, Y&R landed 53 Lions and ranked as #1 regional network of the year at Cannes in 2017. Under his leadership, Y&R brought home the first and second gold Cannes Lions for the Czech Republic, as well as the first Grand Prix for Turkey in 2015. Y&R EMEA also ranked #1 in the regional 2017 Effie Index.

To achieve these kinds of results, Jaime works closely with creative teams across Europe — fostering collaboration across teams and countries to create winning work.

Read on for his thoughts on Cannes Lions 2018 and a look inside the jury room.

1. Given the many changes at Cannes Lions this year, what are you most excited about?
I believe the change in the size of the juries will have a huge impact inside the jury room. Tighter groups will render better discussions and I’m very curious how that will impact the work we see being awarded.

2. What do you think defines a successful creative idea?
I think by definition anything that is successful is creative in some way, shape or form. If it’s effective, it has a creative aspect to it, which has allowed it to cut through and reach that success — not necessarily in the sense that agencies commonly define creativity, but it’s creative nonetheless.


What I’m most curious about, being in the print media jury, is that I believe print is yet to see it’s technological rebirth.

Jaime Mandelbaum


3. What’s your favorite ad of all time? Why?
The white earphones from Apple when they launched the iPod. I’m not talking about the spots or the outdoors and prints — I’m talking about the actual white earphones. It helped identify and completely differentiate a product that would be hidden inside a pocket. It was a simple and genius change of color that turned every early adopter of the iPod into an ad.

4. Name three things in your Cannes Jury survival kit.

1. The alarm on my phone to make sure I get to the jury room in the morning.
2. A sweater because the A/C of the jury room is kept at arctic levels.
3. Eye drops because the amount of work when you judge is sort of like the cinema scene in A Clockwork Orange.

5. What are your predictions or insights about your Cannes category?
Everything is cyclical - houses had radios that brought the outside world into your home via audio. Now houses have Alexa and Google Home, which also bring the outside world to you via audio. When you look at it that way, you could argue radio is having its tech rebirth.

What I’m most curious about, being in the print media jury, is that I believe print is yet to see it’s technological rebirth. It won’t be this year or the next, but I’m hoping that we can start catching glimpses no matter how blurry the future of print may seem.

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