Key Moments From Cannes 2017

Jun 21, 2017

As the famous housewife, Lisa Vanderpump once said, "Life isn't all diamonds and rosé , but it should be." We're in the middle of Cannes and we couldn't relate more - except maybe by replacing "diamonds" with "advertising." These last few days at Cannes have been busy, exciting, and as insightful as ever. To capture a bit of the experience, we've put together a list of some of the most memorable quotes and takeaways from Cannes 2017.

  • There's a difference between having influence and having power. Influence is what you have, power is the ability to incite change. To promote positive change and peace in social issues, Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, uses power and influence in combination. 
  • Ethos carry through from product to business. Pio Schunker, SVP Global Head Integrated Marketing at Samsung says, “It’s really crucial that the brand ethos you settle on are true to the brand DNA and the company’s philosophy. If it is inauthentic to that, it will get rejected.” 
  • Too much structure hampers creativity. AIB's Tom Kinsella argues that structures and processes greatly enhance your chances of delivering consistently average work.
  • Brand purpose is becoming increasingly more important, especially as tragic events continue to surprise us worldwide. “It’s impossible to solve the kinds of problems the world faces today without the essential ingredient of communication.” - Jose Miguel Sokoloff, CCO, Mullenlowe London.
  • Honest brands do better, and actor Sir Ian McKellen agrees. If your branding is about lies and consumer assumptions, it won't prosper.
  • The more connected we are, the more anxiety we have. Pinterest's Tim Kendall argues against tech companies whose business models encourage users to spend more and more time on their phones. At Pinterest, it's not about time spent. It's about time well spent - and a part of that means disconnecting. 
  • The best ideas don’t have to come from the top. Fashion designer, Alexander Wang believes that curiosity drives conversation and growth. Even if you're an intern, you should not be afraid to challenge the status quo. 
  • Brands have a responsibility for where they buy ads. Though publishers and digital media companies have been taking most of the heat, Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever, says if brands are just blindly buying massive amounts of media at the lowest possible price, they shouldn't be surprised if they have a negative experience. 
  • Fake news is still an issue and we're all responsible. Journalist, David Remnick called out a 'rising tide of bullshit' in the world, “We are all stakeholders in the urgent discussion about fake news."
  • What does it take to recognize a brave idea? According to Trevor Robinson, brave advertising means embracing the fear of failure. At times, people might not like what you do, but getting over it and moving forward is key. 

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