SXSW PanelPicker - Time to Vote!

Aug 05, 2017

It’s that time of the year! The interactive, film and music industries come together once again for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals to celebrate all things creativity. This year we’ve got an exciting lineup – check out the panels below and be sure to vote!

Facebook for President: Will Companies Run Nations?

  • Speaker: Anna Blender, Senior Vice President, BAV Consulting
  • Description: As private companies like SpaceX and Google begin doing the work traditionally done by government, we are witnessing blurred borders driven by technological evolution. But where do we draw the line? How does the public rate effectiveness of world leaders like Trump and Merkel vs. global CEOs like Zuckerberg and Ma. What responsibilities do global brands carry? As corporate valuations rival country GDPs, we use data to look at how relationships between nations and companies are changing today.

Social Listening Makes Us Deaf: Opening Our Eyes to Culture

  • Speakers: Michael Sussman, CEO, BAV Group; Kyle Boots, Director of Social Analytics and Insights, BAV Group and Y&R
  • Description: United, Samsung, and Trump have more in common than you think. The same social platforms that make it easy to share memes also make it possible to spur revolutions. Yet 80% of marketers can’t prove how social moves the needle on their bottom line. Social listening helps us observe virality, but we need to better understand its power to build lasting emotional connections with people. Using Y&R’s BAV data, we’ll show actionable ways brands can leverage social ecosystems to own a place in culture.

How to Put a Woman in Her Place

  • Speaker: Shelley Diamond, Y&R Chief Client Officer
  • Description: The Whole Story is a global initiative focused on highlighting women’s contributions to history worldwide through virtual statues. We have created a collaborative environment for exploration between diverse cultural groups, histories, and creative disciplines utilizing open source AR platforms to create women statuary. Our panel will discuss our inspiration and demonstrate how virtual statues can change the way we see history.

The New World Order: A Race to Technology

  • Speaker: Anna Blender, Senior Vice President, BAV Consulting
  • Description: It’s not a race to arms for dominance. It’s a race to tech. Tech advancements propel our modern economies. China’s booming market for example has seen rapid growth thanks to its prowess in tech and e-commerce. At the same time, tech is leaving many in aging industries behind. Is it creating global citizens or drawing global divides? Using data we’ll explore technology’s impact on labor globally, and differences by region, socioeconomics, and politics. It’s a race to the finish line… who will win?

Welcome to the Age of Age: Old People are Cool

  • Speaker: Belle Frank, Chief Strategy Officer, Y&R Health Practice
  • Description: Young people think old people are cool. According to Pew Research—and to the surprise of many at SXSW—our workplace is 1/3 Millennial, 1/3 Generation X and 1/3 Baby Boomer. People over 60 use tech. They have to; they work! I will share engaging content, based on proprietary research on aging, about the challenges and joys of living and working in such a diverse world. Come and learn about the best ways for brands to embrace the learning and connect to each age cohort.


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We look forward to seeing everyone at SXSW 2018!