Y&R Europe Celebrates Annual Y&R Foundation Day

Sep 10, 2017

In a collective day of giving, our offices across Europe gathered for Y&R Foundation Day. Across the region, we joined forces for a day of community service. Rallying our Y&R family around important causes that elevate local arts and culture programs not only brings us closer together as an agency, it brings us closer to our local communities as well.

This year’s Foundation Day projects were diverse and impactful. Here’s a look at what some of our offices took part in:

  • Y&R Vienna worked with the Integrationhaus to aid refugees by helping them with skill building and training.
  • Y&R London volunteered with KIDS, an organization that supports disadvantaged children from a variety of backgrounds. Y&R London hosted a strategy workshop to help KIDS position themselves and reach key stakeholders like government leaders and members of the public. In the coming weeks, the rest of the office will be participating in playground volunteering sessions with projects such as gardening, cleaning and painting.




  • Y&R Madrid and LabStore Madrid worked with Menudos Corazones, which supports children and young people with heart defects. Menudos Corazones aims to provide the necessary support for these children to have normal school, work, and social lives. The activities Y&R Madrid conducted included a mix of projects based on graphic design to help with different initiatives. Together, they created a unique poster designed to decorate the space they use to support children's parents.




  • Y&R Budapest helped the Hungarian Autistic Arts Foundation paint and upkeep their community room and build silent rooms for autistic children.


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  • Y&R Germany visited two local kindergartens, one whose premises were recently affected by a fire, and performed a live puppet show. 


Foundationday group


  • Y&R Poland volunteered with the Foundation of Mother and Child Institute, which tackles health problems among mothers and children. To address the issue of obesity, they organized a run and an Olympic event with eight different sports-oriented competitions. 




  • Y&R Prague shared their know-how in advertising and communication through volunteer work with the Memory of Nation Project. They shared insights on topics including web presence, social media, direct mail and communication mixes for their most important events such as The Memory of a Nations Awards, the Run for the Memory of a Nations and Veterans Day.




  • Y&R Italy had a grassroots campaign to raise funds for the arts.




We had an incredible time volunteering for great causes and we look forward to sharing more from our next Y&R Foundation Day!