Y&R Group Launches PowerOn Program to Reboot Careers

Oct 20, 2017


New Y&R program offers opportunities and resources for parents and caregivers re-entering marketing communications careers.


For many, the decision to leave work and focus on family is a difficult one. Too often, these departures can impede opportunities for growth down the line. Studies show that those who leave the workforce to care for children or other family members face increasing difficulty when they opt to re-enter, with women being disproportionately more affected. Today, more than 3 million women with college or advanced degrees are seeking to re-enter the workforce. We know these candidates offer incredible skill sets, life experience, and diverse points of view – that’s why we’re excited to announce the PowerOn program.  

PowerOn aims to reclaim untapped talent and recruitment potential. The 12-week training program is open to both men and women and offers hands-on experience, resources, and training necessary to kickstart the next chapter of their careers. Participants will be supported by mentor teams, both experienced executives and reciprocal learning opportunities from emerging talent.

The program’s robust learning and development curriculum includes off-site professional workshops, speaker series and a range of professional skills and knowledge training sessions. Training sessions will be open for all employees to encourage networking, collaboration and shared learning. Participants will also be hired as freelancers during the 12-week program with the optimal goal of placement in full-time positions at the close of the program.

The PowerOn program will support and mentor professionals who have experience in Account Management, Account Planning, and Strategy. Applicants must have held a management or senior level position prior to leaving the industry. 

Read more about PowerOn in Business Insider, Adweek, and Shots.

The program will begin on January 16, 2018, based in our New York Headquarters. Additional information about PowerOn and the program applications are available at http://poweronyrg.com.

Applications are now open. Please send inquiries to: poweron@yrgrp.com


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