Y&R Road to Cannes: Week 3

Jun 05, 2018

Entering our final week on the Road to Cannes, we continue to feature creative work from across our global network. Our campaigns this week span New York, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Australia and more. These campaigns take on important issues from health and diversity to gender equality. While our travels down this road are drawing to a close, we're excited for our time in Cannes to begin!
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More Than Nice
There is a big difference between being nice and being kind. Volunteers from No More Deaths, who leave jugs of water at the US-Mexico border, understand that the difference is sacrifice. This film from Y&R New York and KIND, and produced by award-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, highlights the sacrifice of these volunteers and hones in on how radical, active kindness can create bonds rather than divisions.



Blockchain for Life
Utilizing open source software and IED schools’ powerful computers around the world, Y&R Italy applied the principles of Blockchain to create a network of computers that are being employed in cancer research. The computers are put to work overnight while not in use by students, offering low-cost research assistance and faster paths to medical breakthroughs.


Write the Future of Women’s Soccer
Woman’s soccer in Brazil does not enjoy as much of the spotlight and sponsorship as men’s soccer. The AGFF and Y&R Sao Paulo teamed up to show just how underappreciated women’s soccer is in Brazil by remaking Nike’s “Write the Future” commercial. With a cast of women replacing the male players and low budget effects, the film reflects the contrary realities of the sport for women in Brazil.


Son of a Beer

What do you do when you don’t have the sizeable budget and star power of the leading beer brand in Argentina? To compete with their biggest retail competitor, Schneider Beer with Y&R Buenos Aires, created a campaign at a fraction of the cost utilizing a unique “younger” approach.



Migration Anthem
Hungary’s government encourages a culture that is not inclusive of Muslim refugees and other migrants. The government also permits physical violence against migrants and citizens who help them. Migration Aid and Y&R Budapest fought back against this injustice by showing how diversity has long been a part of their nation and looks at how their national anthem is rich with words from diverse origins.



Goiko Grill, the fastest-growing burger restaurant in Spain, tapped into a platform where millions of Spanish people spend nearly 40% of their time: playing video games. With the help of the country’s top three gamers, Y&R and Goiko Grill offered real-time promotions during game play on leading online gaming platforms and gave players and viewers a chance to win free meals.



American Hospital Astigmat Project
Astigmatism can go unnoticed in the early stages and may not be diagnosed until it is too late. The American Hospital wanted to tackle this issue and worked with Y&R Istanbul to create special outdoor billboards that only people who have astigmatism could see.



Sandcastle Cemeteries
The people at QIMR Berghofer, a leading cancer research facility in Queensland, developed a new tool to help detect an individual’s risk of developing melanoma. Y&R Brisbane helped showcase the tool and raised awareness of the danger of melanoma by building sand tombstones on the beach.



Keep Your Teeth
Without teeth you’ll be stuck blending your food for the rest of your life. Highlighting the importance of dental hygiene, Colgate and Y&R Dubai show what eating some of your favorite foods looks like when you don’t have teeth.