Y&R Wins at D&AD 2018 Awards

Apr 26, 2018

The 2018 Winners of the D&AD Awards were announced yesterday and Y&R is celebrating multiple Pencils awarded across categories. Y&R ANZ was awarded one of the top prizes, receiving a Yellow Pencil in Campaign Branding & Identity for “Geoff.”

To introduce its new line of specially sized Heinz Beans cans to the Australian market, and the rest of the world, Y&R ANZ created a charming animated short film featuring Geoff, the head of innovation at Heinz Beanz who spends his time dreaming up new inventions. Take a peek at the work below. 

Geoff The Film from Y&R New Zealand on Vimeo.

The campaign also took home a Wood Pencil in Film Craft, Animation for Film Advertising. Multiple award winners were One Book for Peace (Dubai, 3 Pencils), The Fearless Are Here (London, 2 Pencils), and Dyslexic Sperm Bank (London, 2 Pencils). In addition, Wood Pencils were awarded to Y&R Mexico in Film Advertising, Cinema Commercials for “Love Story” and Dubai Classic Partnership in Direct for Footnote for the Breast.

View the complete list of winners below:

Heinz "Geoff" - Y&R NZ

Campaign Branding & Identity - Yellow

Film Craft, Animation for Film Advertising – Wood Pencil

Interreligious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina "One Book for Peace" - Y&R Dubai

Art Direction for Direct - Wood

Book Design, Specialist & Limited Edition Books - Graphite

Direct, Direct Mail - Wood

Movistar "Love Story" - Y&R Mexico

Film Advertising, Cinema Commercials 121-240 seconds- Wood

BBC Sport "Fearless Are Here" - Y&R London

Art Direction for Film Advertising - Wood

Graphic Design, Moving Image- Graphite

Dyslexic Sperm Bank, Y&R London

Experiential, Out of Home - Wood

PR, Creative Use of Media - Wood

Footnote for the Breast, Y&R Dubai and Dubai Classic Partnership

Direct - Wood