Brother Dominic

Reimagining Xerox’s iconic ‘Brother Dominic’ for the digital age

We helped Xerox embark on a new chapter refocusing on their mission of digital document technology.

How do you relaunch one of the most iconic brands in history? When Xerox announced its plans to refocus its business on digital document technology, we created a launch platform that defined the new Xerox of today.

Brother Dominic is a twist on the famous 1977 Xerox spot of the same name that ran 40 years ago during Super Bowl XI. Y&R reimagined the tale of young Dominic for the modern age, introducing Xerox’s new brand platform “Set the Page Free” and demonstrating the incredible evolution of Xerox technology.

The Brother Dominic campaign launched in coordination with the official announcement of the new Xerox Company on Wall Street. The campaign kicked off with an event at the New York Stock Exchange, and included media outreach, event activation, paid media, social, a targeted Super Bowl initiative and more. The result was a PR blitz, reaching 56 million impressions, media coverage across trade and top tier press and 100% increase in brand lift.