Facebook Memories

A social movement powered by social media.

We created a powerful social campaign that brought history into the newsfeeds of Millennials.


In 2016, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had been campaigning for vice president in the Philippines elections. Despite being the unapologetic son of a ruthless dictator, he had become a popular candidate among millennials. His young fans had not lived through the terror of his father’s dictatorship.

RockEd, an advocacy and alternative education group, wanted to make sure millennials were educated. Y&R and RockEd developed a campaign that brought this brutal history to their newsfeeds, telling the story of a violent dictatorship, media oppression, human rights abuses and economic crimes.

Using Facebook Memories, millennials were reminded of a dark, but important history. The campaign fueled a movement on social media and the streets, reaching more than half a million millennials across the nation and ensuring that history would not repeat itself.