Geoff the Film

Meet Geoff, head of innovation at Heinz Beanz.

When it comes to the products they love, people hate change. So, when Aussie icon, Heinz Beanz, changed their much-loved can sizes to four smaller ones, we set out to create a campaign that was easy to love.

This lead us to Geoff, the charming Head of Heinz Beanz Innovation. We introduced Geoff to Australia via a heart-warming three-minute animation. The film followed Geoff’s life, from a young boy with an unusual obsession with Beanz, to a man, who invented new Beanz can sizes to suit his growing family.

Simultaneously with the film, Geoff’s cans appeared in the real world too. Our new labels completely overhauled the iconic on-shelf packaging – marking the first major branding for Heinz change in almost 90 years. 

Supported by an integrated campaign, the film has been viewed over 26.9 million times and Geoff’s cans sold out within the first fortnight.

Finally, a product change that had everyone in tears, for all the right reasons.