You’re Already Rich

Chile's Polla Loto reminds us...

Many of us aspire to live as millionaires with a large house, an expensive car or a super boat.

But in the gambling and lottery category, that aspirational promise to be a billionaire and have a better lifestyle is a saturated and common message among lottery brands.

So, Polla Loto took an unexpected approach. They used their brand platform to remind us that we are all millionaires; that life is full of small luxuries we don't always appreciate or notice. The campaign from Y&R Santiago celebrates the simple things like a peaceful nap with your child, the eager way your dog welcomes you after a long day, a loving marriage of 50 years, or just enjoying your favorite childhood dish.

The campaign uses a twist on the usual message to emphasize the value of the everyday over the material. The emotive and simple idea sends a deep message: The people who play Loto are already rich.